Expansion of Aluminum Foil Plant in China will boost the demand of high-purity aluminium foil in international markets

Published Date: Oct 2015

Showa Denko (SDK), Japanese chemical engineering firm, has recently completed the expansion of its aluminium foil plant in China, which manufactures high-purity aluminium. High-purity aluminium foil forms the major raw material for making aluminium electrolytic capacitors, which find immense application in equipment such as electronic appliances, IT components, electric vehicles and hybrid cars. Further these are used for designing equipment which generate power using renewable energy. According to the experts, the demand for medium- and high-voltage electrolytic capacitors is likely to soar in China, since these will driving by applications such as for power conditioners in making environment-friendly vehicles. The SDK’s consolidated subsidiary Showa Denko Aluminium (Nantong) (SDAN) conducts ultimate processing of rolled aluminium foil as a transitional product supplied from the company’s Sakai Plant. The Sakai Plant will act as a base offering its customers across international markets with high-purity aluminium foil which can be used for high-voltage.

This expansion, has enabled the company to augment the production of high-purity aluminium foil from 400t to over 600t every month. Like SDK, many major manufactures across the globe respond have modernized their manufacturing units to respond timely to the expansion of the global market demand for aluminium electrolytic capacitors thereby enabling a stable market of high-purity aluminium foil which can typically withstanding voltage of 200V or more. There are many reports in the market which tracks the changing market dynamics in terms of current and future market trends, market strategy of key market players along with segmentation and forecast. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Global and Chinese high purity aluminium Industry, 2015 Market Research Report” which offers an insight into the key market status of global manufacturers, competitive landscape and business profile of key market players.

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