Cooling towers with improved features and functions completed at the Loviisa power plant

Published Date: Sep 2015

Fortum Oyj, a Finnish energy company, has designed a new air-cooling system. Being the first of its kind used among nuclear power reactors and is supplied by Hungary's GEA EGI Contracting/Engineering Co Ltd. The cooling tower has been recently installed at the nuclear power plant in Loviisa, Finland. A backup systems using the mechanism seawater cooling is already in place at the Loviisa plant, but the new system does not rely on seawater cooling.

The new air cooling system conforms to safety and environmental issues, as it can be used "in the improbable extreme situation when seawater wouldn't be available to cool the plant's reactors," as noted by the company. Housed in three buildings these cooling towers as per Fortum does not pose any significant risk on the surroundings of the nuclear plant.

Two cooling towers have been constructed for each of Loviisa's two units. One tower removes decay heat emanating from the reactor and the other removes decay heat generated from the used fuel storage pools along with it being used for cooling other crucial safety-critical equipment; the towers used for removing heat from the reactors are in the same building. Any power plants across the globe and China in particular uses a steam cycle dependent on cooling irrespective of whether fossil fuels or nuclear energy is applied to generate steam.

Air cooling towers are considered as a crucial development target in the light of safety assessments made by Finnish nuclear regulator STUK. These assessments were done as part of the EU program of stress tests which were natural response to Fukushima Daiichi catastrophe that took place in Japan. The use of cooling tower construction is necessitated in nuclear power plants to eliminate heat generated by radioactive decay, when these plants are shut down. Therefore, nuclear plants are also constructed with emergency core cooling systems in order to ensure that cooling functions remain in place in case with failure with the primary cooling system. So there has been a large demand for cooling tower and various top energy vendors and manufacturers have been investing their resources for several years to develop innovative cooling tower plants. Many research studies are being done to study the market dynamics, share and size of top segments along with recent market developments in Global and Chinese cooling tower industry. Recently, a report added by Prof Research Reports titled Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Cooling Tower Industry, 2009-2019, offers an insight into key drivers and restraints, current and future market trends, growth opportunities, threats faced by top players along with the dominant strategies adopted by them to gain a foothold in the market.

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