Urban Congestion Put To Rest By A Breakthrough In Global Electric Tricycle Industry

Published Date: Feb 2016

For those trying to escape the urban congestion now have an answer from Veemo. The company has recently launched a hybrid tricycle. Many are calling it a vehicle that is equipped with an electric motor as well as a gas engine hybrid. Industry experts studying the electric tricycle industry” are confident that users can do many things with this three wheeler, pedal vehicle. Professionals at the Vancouver based VeloMetro simply love calling their priced possession velomobile. The prototype makes use of aluminum composite for its monocoque body along with integrated crumple zones.

Commenting on this innovation co –founder at VeloMetro Kody Barker said “There have been studies that have shown that up to 60 percent of a city’s population would like to cycle more, but they don’t for reasons such as not wanting to get into cycling attire, not wanting to wear a helmet, or worrying about their bike getting stolen.” He further added “We’ve designed a vehicle and a service that addresses all of those issues.” Industry experts reveal that Veemo has definitely come up with a good idea and can be considered a pie in the sky proposal that’s doomed for success.

Like Veemo many brands are experimenting with enclosed tricycle, so that riders no longer have to wear protective clothing or a helmet. Manufacturers are also working on their electric assistance features which clearly indicate that riders do not have to work up a sweat. People aware about their health and fitness can either seek more assistance from their car or workout more if they intend to. Eyeing the fast growing tricycle market worldwide including China, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Electric Tricycle Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario”. The study weighs up on the drivers, restraints and opportunities influencing the performance of the market worldwide. Critical business imperative such as market size and share, demand, supply and shortage, import and export status and adoption rate amongst other factors are thoroughly discussed in this market research report. Key market profile with special focus on its product specifications are also covered in the report. 

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