New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software launched useful for Life Sciences Companies

Published Date: Sep 2015

Prolifiq Software, a global CRM provider, recently announced the release of its new Mobile Engagement and CRM Software at the PharmaForce conference which have major applications in life sciences industry. Profiliq's new mobile software will be available by the end of the year and is characterized by a 720-degree View™ of compliant content, collaboration and data to allow Life Sciences teams to quickly access the data, make useful anticipations and act to simplify and broaden customer engagement and better patient outcomes.

It is built on the enterprise dominant Microsoft stack. It is unique in domain of the first Life Sciences engagement and CRM software since it embraces the Microsoft cloud, considered as one of the fastest emerging enterprise cloud solutions. In collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, Prolifiq will leverage the new found capabilities of Windows 10 tablet/PC devices – thereby providing innovative CIOs. These applications will help Life Sciences companies to improve end-user user satisfaction and adoption rate, while making it more user-friendly along with significantly reducing the overall cost of ownership (TCO) of the mobile infrastructure.

According to Jeff Gaus, CEO of Prolifiq, stressing on the utility of the CRM software states:  "As systems of record, traditional Life Sciences CRMs are good at the 'bookkeeping' functions – recording calls, managing contacts, and tracking samples or demo equipment. They capture and reflect history, but they are not good at helping people communicate and collaborate in the moment. Systems of innovation are needed to respond to rapidly changing market opportunities."

There are many studies conducted in the market which tracks the current and future market trends, market dynamics along with dominant strategies adopted by key market players and stakeholders to grow in the market. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Industry Report -Global and Chinese Market” which offers an insight into the key drivers and restraints, market segmentation and forecast, growth prospects in major geographical along with the recent technical upgrades brought about by key market players. 

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