Innovative Diffuser Film Launched by Microsharp Corporation Ltd is continuous having unique optical performance

Published Date: Jul 2015

Light Diffuser Films are single or dual sided diffuser film products designed to break up the light rays and distribute them evenly. The film is designed to diminish led hot-spots usually found when using LEDs display. There are two main types available in the market: a one sided matte clear film and a one or two sided translucent, matte finish film. They have numerous back lighting applications and also designed in different levels of thicknesses. These films are designed to cater to major back lighting applications such as transmissive electronic displays, LED Lighting Systems, and Signage.

Recently, Microsharp Corporation Ltd has launched new diffuser film. These are lenticular diffuser Film which are available on reeled tapes which are continuous with the absence of any seam lines. Unlike other lenticular films, this film is unique as it is manufactured in the opposite orientation. Thus it is now possible to design continuous reels of film without any structural discontinuation. The film is available on continuous reels of up to as much as 140mm width and can be cut into size of any width. Lenticular structures when used in combination with other LED light sources achieves enhanced level of diffusion and with splendid rates of transmission. The film can be integrated into luminaire designs.

There are many market studies done by market analysts that tracks the growth prospects and key drivers and restraints of the carmine industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports added a report titled “Global and Chinese Light Diffuser Film Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report”. The report offers an in-depth insight into the marketing profile of leading companies, key drivers and restraining factors, growth prospects, market dynamics, detailed market forecast and market segmentation. Further the report provides useful and relevant data on market share and size, revenue structure of major manufacturers and the market strategies adopted by them to grow in the market.

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