Solar Power Promises Growth In Global and Chinese Irrigation System Industry

Published Date: Aug 2015

Lawn or farm owners, who have long been waiting for an automated system backed by application controlled irrigation that quenches the thirst of their plants have something to cheer about, Blue Marble’s irrigation controller. The controller works as the hub for the irrigation system and connect the internet for information pertaining to weather data. Likewise it accompanies an application for observing different lawn or garden sensor information. An owner can install the sprinkler values as well as the remotely –controlled drip system throughout the garden. They can then be controlled by the hub depending upon the garden condition, as communicated by the soil sensors.

Commenting on the product Paul F. Sabadin at Blue Marble said "One of the highest risk decisions was to make the Blue Marble system battery-free. I wanted this, very badly, as I believed that a system with several, tens, or even hundreds of unreliable chemical batteries scattered about a garden or farm, is the definition of a reliability and maintenance nightmare. I believe that, over time, any system with batteries will end up an unused and discarded relic of what might otherwise have been a great idea. I believe that a zero-battery system is the only thing that can be maintained and continue to add value for many years into the future."

The features offered by the product are the finest example of smart irrigation mechanism and wires the controller to owner’s present irrigational valves. Besides this, Blue Marble helps its users to make the most of the communication method through Wi-Fi, radion and more and is completely battery –free and uses solar power. Moreover, the irrigation system market worldwide including China is witnessing a tremendous growth .Prof Research Reports have added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Irrigation system Industry, 2009-2019.” The report evaluates the market size and share, growth prospects, product capacity, production capability, forecast, threats, opportunities, challenges, demands, supply, sales and many more. 

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