The demand for Nitrogen generators gets a fillip due to increasing market demand of fibre laser profilers

Published Date: Sep 2015

The demand for MSS Nitrogen’s Nitrocube Fiber nitrogen generators has recently gained popularity due to surge of fiber laser profilers in the UK market.

That new nitrogen generation system, the Nitrocube Fiber, was first developed in 2004 by MSS. It is said to deliver 50 percent higher flow rates with the consumption of 30 percent less power compared to other systems, owing to high air to nitrogen ratios along with diminished in size high quality pressure booster.

The equipment installed by MSS Nitrogen's engineers takes compressed air inside & emits nitrogen gas of high purity.  The engineers maintains the functioning of the equipment using only a power source and by connecting into the available nitrogen distribution pipework.

With the flow of nitrogen gas to fiber laser technology, the cutting speeds can be as much as three times greater on a fiber laser. Also nozzle present at the laser head is considerably bigger. The aforementioned changes in the technology and the developments in the laser cutting market has led to the industry considering the logistics and cost of delivering nitrogen to the machine to be on of prime importance for ensuring efficient manufacturing processes along with cost reduction.

According to Neil Jackson, sales director at MSS Nitrogen, "If you just look at the nitrogen consumption figures for each machine, this can be very misleading. When we size a system we have detailed discussions with the client about how they run their manufacturing including topics such as shift patterns, the type and thickness of material being cut and the purity of nitrogen required. We can then work out the nitrogen delivery rates and the gas storage requirements needed to meet the peak demands normally found in any production environment."

There are many analysis and studies done by industry experts which takes a closer look at the industry dynamics in terms of current and future market trends, segmentation and forecast along with future growth opportunities. Recently, a report added by Prof Research Reports titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Nitrogen generation system Industry, 2009-2019” offers a detailed insight into the key drivers and restraints, market dynamics and competitive landscape along with the market strategies adopted by key market players to gain a foothold in the market.

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