Industrial applications of Polonium will drive the global and Chinese Polonium Industry

Published Date: Aug 2015

Polonium is a radioactive substance, discovered by Marie Curie in 1898 and found throughout our natural environment. More than 25 isotopes of Polonium (Po) have been known to us so far, but the most commonly used is the isotope Po-210 since most of the isotopes discovered are very short half-life and thus decay rapidly. Although found in nature, the amount that is available is so small around 1 part in 1015 concentration of earth crust so that for being used in any commercial application the isotope should be man-made.

Polonium-210 is a source of alpha radiation, which is unable to penetrate the sheet of paper or animal skin, so external exposure does not anyway is a health risk. It decays quickly, losing half its radiation in a period of 138 days (its half-life). It decays quickly to stable lead-206 by emitting an alpha particle.

Polonium-210 has many uses but most predominantly used in manufacture of devices that eliminate static electricity that is generated by routine industrial processes like making tape, rolling paper, and smoothing metals. Most commercial static elimination devices used should be regulated by the NRC as "generally licensed devices. Po isotopes is a very compact and lightweight and potent source of energy thus making the product very suitable to be used as a fuel source in spacecraft/satellites where considerations for volume and weight issues are crucial. Among other potential uses of the polonium are it being used as a neutron source, the isotope Po-210 being a good material for the aforementioned use.

Most static elimination devices having commercial or industrial usage should be regulated by the (Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or state regulatory agencies as "generally licensed devices. Small polonium-210 sources is also sometimes applied to check or calibrate measuring instruments. Since the amount is negligibly low, its use is exempted from NRC license process. There are many reports prepared by industry experts that track the current and future market trends and growth prospects. Recently Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Polonium Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report.” The report offers an insight into comprehensive study of key market drivers and restraints, detailed market segmentation, competitive analysis and market strategies of leading manufacturers along with the recent technological developments.

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