New technological innovative to develop cattle feed will boost the global animal feed market

Published Date: Nov 2015

Biotectra, a Mexican company, which collects organic waste generated by the food sector has found an innovative way to extract nutrients from the waste and transforming them into primary ingredient for cattle feed. This includes expired products such as milk, meat and vegetables, and those products that fail to meet quality regulations. Using a microbiological process, the processes products are added to animal feed for the consumption of different farm animals.

The production is in line with the regulations of different types of food for each species, such as pigs, cattle and sheep

According to Biotectra founder Luis Jose Cruz Gaviño failing to eliminate this type of waste pose a major health risk, since the waste is sometimes used to feed animals or sold in grey market.

In order to fight the above health menace, the veterinarian by the National University of Mexico (UNAM) has recently developed a technology that makes the feed healthier. The technology enables the elimination of various viruses and bacteria in food which causes diseases. The resulting technology leads to the production of an ingredient that is then added to cattle feed. The additive enhances feed digestibility for farm animals.

The process is patented as a microbiological activator, and promotes the development of fungi and acidophilus bacteria, strengthening the immune system of farm animals.

The founder of Biotectra further adds "We help companies in the food industry to dispose of their waste safely, and provide the government with an alternative that allows them to eliminate it,"

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