Carmine as natural dye increasingly being used in food and cosmetics industry

Published Date: Jun 2015

The market for Cochineal, Cochineal Extract, Carmine, refer to a natural dye called "carminic acid". Which has widespread application is food and cosmetics industry as a natural color. The substance Carminic acid is found in large concentration in cochineal insects and is extracted from the insects body and its eggs. The resulting is mixed with salts of aluminum or calcium to make carmine dye or also reckoned as cochineal.

For many consumers who want to exploit the products obtained as a result of animal exploitation of those who do not consume non-vegan food, the regulations as per FDA mandates the food manufacturers to make sure the ingredients are included on packaging labels when used as a food additive.

The material carmine has application in some alcoholic drinks, like Campari when used as the water-soluble form. The insoluble form is used in a wide variety of products, which includes meat, processed poultry products, sausages, marinades, icings, cookies, desserts, sauce, jams, pie fillings, preserves, juice beverages gelatin desserts and some dairy products.

The leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical uses cochineal in coloring pills and ointments. It has widespread usage in the products of cosmetics industry such as hair- and skin-care products, face powders, blushes and lipsticks. For commercial production of carmine dye, the insects of cochineal bugs are farmed for at least three months, and then collected when these are ninety days old. There are many market studies done by market analysts that tracks the growth prospects and key drivers and restraints of the carmine industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports added a report "Global and Chinese Carmine Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report" The report makes an extensive study on the market dynamics of the carmine market across China and other parts of the globe. The study offers a useful insight into the market profile of leading manufacturers, their prominent strategies, their market share and size along with the detailed industry forecast through 2019. Educating consumers on the reasons behind the need for including natural colors through carmine will lead to the growth of the carmine industry.

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