Extension of Oat Hill Trail on account of Cleaning Mercury Mines

Published Date: Feb 2015

Efforts are put in to clean abandoned mercury mine to extend Oat Hill Mine Trail inside the northern Napa County in the future.

The Open Space District and Napa County Regional Park wants establish longer and wider trail from Calistoga to Lake County. The district board on Monday agreed to procure part or all of the 375 acres that include the Twin Peaks mines and Corona.

Woodland-based Tuleyome, nonprofit group, based in Woodland is trying to protect a state fund in order to clean polluted water draining from the mines. Achievement could depend on there being a plausibility a public organization may eventually own the site, a region report said.

The area is under no commitments to ever practice its choices. Tuleyome Senior Policy Director Bob Schneider said that the arrangement is truly all the more impelling on the landowner.

“You take on no liability with this agreement,” Schneider told the district board.

Napa County has an easement for the Oat Hill Mine Road constructed as a soil street somewhere around 1873 and 1893 to serve mercury mines. The region in 2008 opened the southern 8 miles as a trail running from Calistoga into the tough slopes east of Napa Valley to Aetna Springs Road.

The mercury mines are rapidly getting utilized due to its numerous benefits. The increasing industrial usage of mercury have propelled the growth of the global mercury industry market. A recent report added on Prof Research Reports titled “Global and Chinese Mercury Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report,” offers incisive market detail for the global and Chinese participants.

Napa County could expand the Oat Hill Mine Trail for an extra 5 miles without the area owning the mines, given that easement. However the locale might want to see the mines cleaned and secured from such risks as mine gaps that climbers may fall into.

The area is especially intrigued by having the alternative to get a 67-section of land segment of the mine property as a gift. It could then utilize the property as a campground for individuals trekking the trail.

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