Fire trucks Equipment showcased in INTERSCHUTZ Event To Trigger Growth In Global and Chinese Fire Truck Industry through 2010-2020

Published Date: May 2015

INTERSCHUTZ 2015 is an international exhibition for fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security, the preparations for which are in the process. The event is organized by Deutsche Messe with the support of the German Association for Fire Prevention, the German Fire Brigade Association and the German Engineering Federation. The mega event would witness 1,300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries globally including China.

Firefighting, disaster relief and rescue are the main themes of INTERSCHUTZ 2015 and the trade also signifies longstanding tradition in firefighting. The event would allow many firefighting truck manufacturers to showcase their innovative technical features of the firefighting equipment.

A fire truck is a vehicle designed mainly for firefighting operations. It also consists of transporting firefighters to an incident scene, water reservoir using which fire is extinguished and carrying other necessary equipment which may be needed in effective firefighting.

At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, visitors would be witnessing the recent trends in disaster relief and management technologies innovations. 

Rescue professionals, manufacturers of vehicles and medical equipment, and paramedics will be presenting the most recently launched products in Hall 26 and on the open-air site at INTERSCHUTZ 2015.

The product Categories to be displayed in the event mainly consist of: equipment for fire stations and workshops fire extinguishing technology and their agents. Recently Prof Research Report has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Fire Truck Industry, 2010-2020 Market Research Report”. The report gives a detailed insights into fire truck technology, the development mechanism of the equipment, the global current and future market trends and the company profiles of the major manufacturers. The report further offers a study of the detailed market segmentation, business strategies of major vendors and challenges and growth opportunities of the market with a focus on the major manufacturers of China. The report also provides detailed forecast of the fire trucks market amid the period 2009-2019. 

The INTERSCHUTZ fair 2015 is a grand opportunity to know about the size and share of the Chinese firefighting truck equipment market and the first hand glimpse of the innovative technology these equipment use along with an analysis of the global demands of the fire trucks. 


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