Introduction of Robotic Milking Machine Ready to Transform Global and Chinese milking machine

Published Date: Jun 2015

The Observer, reported that nearly 250 farmers thronged to witness the unveiling of the robotic milking machine by Co Leitrim. The event not only witnessed farmers from North West but also from Limerick and Counties Tipperary to Tooman, Mohill. This showcasing took place in a farm operated by a father and son duo, Michael and Cathal McCrann, whose proceeds depends majorly around 60 cows. Industry experts eyeing the Chinese milking machine industry reveal that growing realization among people that their existing milking unit is insufficient in catering to consumer needs. This has brought many to invest on robotic unit.

Cathal McCrann on the showcasing event said "It was a big step for us because it was so new and I admit that when I first started researching the technology I was a bit negative about it. We were worried about the cost, what if breaks down, what if its complicated. But I talked to a lot of farmers up North who have these machines in place and they were all very positive about it." Eyeing such innovation worldwide including China Prof Research Reports had added a report titled "Global and Chinese Milking machine Industry". The report takes a closer look at the major drivers, market share and size, demands, opportunities and value chain analysis in the aforementioned industry.

Observing the prospects, the father and son team decided to spend on the milking machine by Lely Robotic, which was installed in their farm last August. Cathal explained "This unit is automated. It milks the animals when they want to be milked, it feeds them according to what they individually need and it records not only each time each animal is milked but it also gives us lots of information on the health and welfare e of each animal. At a glance we can see how active they are, how much milk they are producing and that is a huge benefit."

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