Approval Of The High-Oleic Soybeans By E.U Favours The Global and Chinese Oleic acid Industry, 2009-2019

Published Date: May 2015

Last month, the European Commission made headlines when it authorized the two varieties of soybean high in oleic acid. These soybean varieties consists of the Plenish by DuPont Pioneer as well as Vistive Gold by Monsanto for various applications. The first vice president Richard Wilkins heading the American Soybean Association says “We are especially pleased with the announcement with regard to high-oleic soybeans, which will give food processors the frying and baking qualities they need in an oil without the need for partial hydrogenation, which produces trans fats.

The aforesaid soybean varieties are not partially hydrogenated and are low in saturated fat but is high in oleic acid which is known to offer great functional advantages in a oil. Additionally, the Qualisoy, consultant Bob Galloway has earlier mentioned that the time taken for E.U approval had curbed the business expansion of these soybean varieties. Recently Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Oleic acid Industry, 2009-2019.”As per the report governments across the world including China are favouring measures that would trigger the growth of oleic acid market globally.

Appreciating the E.U decision Mr. Wilkins expressed that “On the one hand, we’re happy to see these traits finally receive commission approval after years of delay. “He further added “The 17 products approved by the European Commission today have been pending for 69 months on average despite E.U. laws and regulations that foresee an 18-month time period for a decision. Whenever our technology partners bring a new trait to market, farmers in the U.S. aren’t able to fully recognize the benefits of products with those traits until they are accepted in all of our key export markets. So this is a big, big step forward. “To top it all , with government policies favouring the oleic acid market the future of the aforesaid market look prosperous.

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