Claw In Curiosity Rover Takes The Global And Chinese Articulated Arm Market By Storm

Published Date: Jun 2015

In May Sergey Grishchenko, a well-established hardware and software developer from Russia created a wave by discovering an operational rover model. Gerashchenko’s fascination for things designed by NASA and Roscosmos persuaded him to combine his knowledge in robotic technology as well as 3D printer to design his version of the curiosity rover with articulated arm. In his interview to Grishchenko explained “I always wanted to to create a rover with a moving camera and arm.” He further added ““What would be a better prototype than a real rover with these functions? Industry experts eyeing the Global and Chinese Articulated Arm Industry, 2010-2020 and its growing market size and share are of the faith that complete range of movements and motions in rovers through an articulated arms is a major breakthrough in itself and would witness great applications.

The articulated claw arm of the rover enables the robot to pick up things like socks or pour drinks. In addition, the telepresence robot can easily transmit video in order to help its owner view what it sees. To top it all the curiosity rover comes with spotlights to brighten even the dark corners of the house while hunting for any life forms. Recently Prof Research Reports adds a report titled “Global and Chinese Articulated Arm Industry, 2010-2020.” The report analyses the company profile of top manufacturers and evaluates the global trends, demand, market segmentation and opportunities among several other factors.

As per the report the usage of articulated claw arms in robotic technology would boost the articulated arm industry across the world including China. Grishchenko expressed his excitement about his discovery in an email to by saying “It can pour drinks or be a telepresence robot. It’s all about imagination and programming skills. In fact, I developed it because I can. It does not have a specific purpose today. Just a fun toy. My wife says that it looks like Wall-E.”

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