Application of Corrugated Tubes in F & B process would drive the growth of global and Chinese corrugated tube industry

Published Date: Jun 2015

Heat Recovery Systems Ltd. (HRS), based solely in the UK, which specializes in manufacture of heat exchangers which have widespread applications in making efficient energy recovery systems and processing systems. The food sector makes large investments in bioenergy projects such as biomass boilers and anaerobic digestion (AD).However, manufacturing processes involving high heat transfer or emission is wasted rather than reused. Global businesses firms look for innovative technology to minimize the waste and reuse it for consecutive processes.

HRS heat exchangers creates anaerobic digestion plant for Muntons malted ingredients based in Suffolk, UK which supplies malt to Heineken beer, Weetabix, Maltesers and Ovaltine. Using 250,000 tonnes of barley, the company manufactures 180,000 tonnes of malt per annum, which is sold to the brewing and distilling industry. The company is at present giving final touches to its £5.4m on-site anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, a 499 kW facility that uses cutting edge technology of 3 Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser System. The system is coupled with Energy Recovery mechanism supplied by HRS Heat Exchangers, which will aid in the conversion of 80,000 tonnes of Muntons’ malt waste in liquid form into biogas and organic fertiliser.

Waste cooling water from an engine which converts the biogas into power releasing large amount of heat is used to heat the sludge in corrugated tube-in-tube heat exchangers. Further HRS has added an energy recovery section into the process: wherein the released energy is transferred from the hotter (pasteurised) sludge to the colder (unpasteurised) sludge. This reduces energy consumption by around 70% more as compared to conventional systems.

Promising experience with corrugated tubes has been witnesses in many industries such as sugar industries, agriculture and green building industry. There are many studies conducted by market analysts which tracks the share, size, market segmentation and detailed market forecasts of the Global Corrugated tube industry with a special focus on Chinese industry. One such report is added by Prof Research Reports tilted “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Corrugated Tube Industry, 2009-2019”. The report offers an in-depth insight into the marketing profile of leading companies, their business strategies, manufacturing processes involved, detailed market conditions in terms of key drivers and restraints, along with market segmentation and growth prospects through the forecast period.


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