Extensive launch of hair straightener products will provide a boost to Global and Chinese Hair Straightener Industry

Published Date: Jun 2015

Arual Cosmetica and Regent Trading of Spain have recently launched Arual Botox hair straightening treatment during a seminar at The Palace Hotel, Sliema, Malta.

Arual Botox hair straightening treatment is an innovative hair treatment option and the seminar was overwhelmed by connoisseurs and experts. The treatment was being showcased followed by a velatherapy presentation by renowned hairdressers Albert and Miriam Navarro.  Arual botox is a two in one product that is applied to transform frizzy, rebellious or curly hair into straight hair with a natural look. This is done by altering the structural connections of chemical compound cysteine resulting in endowing proper shape to hair.

The treatment contains high concentration of keratin, collagen and several other useful ingredients such as hydrolysed silk protein, macadamia oil, argan oil, glycerin shea butter, and lanolin. The aforementioned components help keep the hair straight shiny and extremely soft. Compared to other hair straightening products made up of toxic materials, Arual Botox hair straightening treatment is totally safe as does not contain formaldehyde or any other component which can be harmful to health.

There are many companies which have launched innovative hair straightening products which are bought by individuals as well as availed by salons and parlors for the commercial applications.  There are many reports in the market which track the development and growth trends in global hair straightener industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Hair Straightener Industry, 2009-2019”. The report offers an in-depth insight into the marketing profile of leading companies, market conditions in terms of key drivers and restraints, detailed market segmentation and market forecast of the global hair straightener industry. The report also offers detailed analysis of business profiles of leading marketing players across the globe with a special focus on China.

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