New Stability Data supporting the efficacy of a Unique Encapsulated Vitamin K2

Published Date: Nov 2015

There is growing awareness of the huge benefits of vitamin K2 for improving bone and heart health. This has led to newer product activity in the domain of dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages market. Vitamin K2, when fortified with minerals or multivitamins or nutritional oils such as krill oil, can results in causing stability problems. K2 supplier Kappa Biosciences AS just completed a year-long study demonstrating the usefulness of its recently launched product K2 Vital Delta microencapsulated ingredient. The study highlighted how the encapsulation will preserve the potency of the vitamin.  K2VITAL Delta is the new standard which ensures that the consumer receives the required dose of vitamin K2, which will endow optimal bone and heart benefits.

The study mentions how the product when tested at 25°C lost less than 4% of its original efficiency, even when combined with minerals. As per the finding, the nature is attributable to “strong stability” to the ingredient’s microencapsulation. However, non-microencapsulated fat-soluble ingredients may prove to be more challenging to maintain its stability.

The study done by K2Vital Delta highlighted how the unique stability “provides a unique freedom” to major product developers across the globe, who can use the ingredient to make different product formulas. This may also lead to cost savings according to manufacturers since there is less overage required during medicine formulation.

Multiple human studies have demonstrated how vitamin K2 positively impacts such crucial parametres such as mineral content in bone and bone mass, directly effecting bone strength. There are many report in the market which tracks the market strategies of the key manufacturers and growth opportunities of global Vitamin K2 market. A recent report added by Prof Research Report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Vitamin K2 Industry, 2009-2019” offers a comprehensive insights into industry development trends, key drivers and restraints along with a detailed profile of key market players. 

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