Mass installation of Air Purifiers to transform the Global and Chinese Home Air Purifier Industry, 2009-2019

Published Date: May 2015

A London-based engineering firm Arup Group Ltd along with Sino Group, a unit of Hong Kong property-developer, has developed a device that creates an envelope of air bubble effective in shielding people against most harmful pollutants. The aforementioned product scheduled to be launched in Beijing in the month of June and is said to be 70 % effective.

The outdoor air purifier comes with a canopy that creates an area to be covered and protected by an air curtain. This would provide a cover sufficient to as many as 20 people.

Beijing’s leaders in the month of January said they would spend 10.8 billion yuan ($1.74 billion) in order to combat the menace of air pollution. A huge amount of money HK$600,000 ($77,391) was pumped in to build prototype and develop the technology of the air purifier. It is scheduled to be installed in Beijing’s Tsinghua University from the month of June according to Jimmy Tong, lead inventor.

Under the canopy, air is filtered in the same way it would be by indoor air purifiers. As of now the purifier mostly filters out the particulate matter, however, Jimmy Tong says he’s looking at using advanced filters to ultimately aid in cleaning the air of other hazardous substances.

 “We would of course welcome any new technology that decreases human exposure to pollutants,” said Sum-yin Kwong, the CEO of Clean Air Network. He further adds, “But at the end of the day, the only way we can be safe is to stop the hazardous particles from filling the air in the first place.”

Across the world, various methods are used to filter dirty air. Various research institutions and companies are looking for innovative methods to develop air purifiers with advanced functionalities.

There are many studies done by marketing research firms that analyse the current and future market trends of the global and Chinese home air purifier industry. One such report has been recently added by Prof Research Report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Air Purifier Industry, 2009-2019”.

The report provides a detailed market segmentation in terms of regions and applications. The study offers valuable insights into the current market dynamics along with the growth opportunities. The report further provides an analysis of the size and share, demand analysis, prominent company profiles and detailed market segmentation.

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