Polypropylene Compounds extensively used for Automotive Applications to achieve considerable weight reductions and cost savings

Published Date: Jun 2015

Polypropylene, also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer has excellent mechanical properties like mold ability and light weight also it is cost effective. Polypropylene (PP) based materials are extensively used in automotive parts such as bumper facias and instrumental panels to achieve weight reductions and achieve cost savings.

Luxus, a Lincolnshire-based plastics recycling and compounding firm, has been awarded £600,000 in EU to expand PP polymer production project. The project is aimed at producing plastic compounds having a high recycled content and will be used for car manufacturing. The firm has embarked on a business plans to commercialise its ‘Hycolene’ range of lightweight polypropylene compounds. Major car manufacturers in Europe will use this to produce ‘interior trim’ needed for vehicles.

The lightweight PP range developed by Lexus consists of 60% recycled content and is ready to carry out testing on the product in association with leading automotive company Jaguar Land Rover and twin screw manufacturer Coperion. The auto manufacturer is enrolled to provide end user guidance on the aforementioned project and will ensure that the technical specifications of the car industry are adequately met.

According to Luxus managing director Peter Atterby, "The new grades will also offer a lower density than is currently provided, while still delivering up to 60% recycled PP. The result of all this is that tier 1 moulding supplies will be able to produce more parts per tonne of the mineral as they will benefit from a much faster cycle time. This will offset the slightly higher price these new advanced grades will require."

There are many reports prepared by industry experts that track the current and future market growth dynamics and prospects. Recently Prof Research Reports has added a report titled "Global and Chinese PP Compound Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report". The report offers business insight into the key drivers and restraints, detailed market segmentation and forecast along with the business profiles of major manufacturers of PP compound globally with a special focus on China.

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