Pure Titanium Powder by Prestons

Published Date: Feb 2015

There's a decent risk the sections holding together a plane and the parts holding together a hip were manufactured in Preston County.

An organization in the Northpointe Business & Industry Park in Hazelton makes titanium powder and parts utilized as a part of the restorative, aviation, and oil and gas commercial enterprises. What's more it uses assembling methods that significantly lessen waste and creation costs.

“Puris LLC is the world's highest-quality, highest-capacity producer of titanium powder, located right here in West Virginia,” said Puris spokeswoman Nanette Kirsch. “‘Puris' alludes to the fact that we are establishing a new, high benchmark for the ‘purest' titanium and alloy powder.”

Puris is another element, shaped when Summit Materials LLC purchased FMW Composite Systems Inc., which rose up out of Chapter 11 insolvency in March, said Puris CEO Craig Kirsch.

“FMW was started as a significant long-term investment by the U.S. government to improve not only U.S. capability to make titanium powder but the quality of titanium powder,” he said. “They made a significant investment in Preston County and they were able to build production capabilities and develop intellectual properties.”

Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal known,” said Eric Bono, vice president of sales and marketing. “It can be lighter and thinner than any other metal and still exhibit the same strength.”

In 2013, Kirsch said, the government funding dried up.

“That placed the whole investment at a significant risk,” he said. “This is truly considered a national asset located right here in West Virginia. We saw an opportunity to make an investment of our own to change the direction of the company and preserve the national asset here in Preston County and create jobs.

“A year later we are on target to have the world's greatest capacity,” Kirsch said. “We produce the highest-quality titanium in the world and we do it right here in West Virginia. We're very proud of that.”

Kirsch said the new administration has been in control for six months. Puris utilizes 12 individuals, incorporating six specialists enlisted in the most recent six months.

Puris makes 150 tons of powder, 300,000 pounds a year at the organization's 55,000-square-foot, cutting edge office, said Bono.

A report on Prof Research Reports titled “Global and Chinese Titanium Powder Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report,” have summed up strategically the trends and opportunities of the global and Chinese titanium powder market.

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