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Materials & chemicals industry is considered as one of the oldest industries; the industry has undergone significant shifts in manufacturing processes in the recent decade. The industry has witnessed immense growth prospects in various horizontals such as organic and inorganic materials, metallic and polymers, reagents, carbon, plastics, cements, ceramics and advanced materials. See more
The gains from materials and chemicals industry have been majorly driven by the demand of raw, functional and advanced materials in emerging economies for various sectors such as construction and insulation. As there is a general uplift in the prices of petroleum across the globe, the chemicals industry has witnessed upsurge in the demand for clean and sustainable energy in manufacturing processes; the trend has focused on the concerns of energy security and renewable energy across the globe. Increased demand for bio-based chemicals, agrochemicals, renewable, specialty and fine chemicals has led to immense opportunities and challenges in future. Driven by the emerging market opportunities, key players and manufacturers make incremental advances to target novel solutions to address specialized needs in the market on a geographical scale. The last century was characterized by market players increasingly focusing on blockbuster breakthroughs, and recent developments point towards changing trends in the demand for bulk chemicals and composites. Bulk chemicals or commodity chemicals the largest sub segment of chemicals industry are a group of chemicals made on a massive scale acting as potential intermediates to produce a range of other useful chemicals; they include categories such as organics, inorganics, fibers, plastics resins, films, synthetic rubbers, and petrochemicals. The segment witnesses a significant growth as they cater to a wide spectrum of industrial sectors such as petrochemicals, aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods, and construction. Significant rise in investments in the materials & chemicals industry is driven by forces of consolidation around more coherent business portfolios that includes company asset portfolios. Experts confer this as a welcome market development as companies was unable to reap strategic approaches by focusing largely on existing molecules into new stages across the value chain and companies entering new product lines. Market analysis by Prof Research Reports offers an in-depth and incisive insights into market share and size of various segments, profile of industry players, emerging product portfolio, market applications and opportunities, and the key strategies adopted by stakeholders to expand their market presence. Detailed and critical assessment of the impact of market drivers on the competitive landscape scenario is offered in the research reports. Close

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