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Advancements in technology and growing trend of automation has transformed manufacturing & construction industry to large extent over the past decade. The industry is incorporating changes in order to improve efficiency, precision, and uptime. Furthermore, it helps in reduction of labors and operational cost to maximize profits of the business owners. See more
Adoption of new technologies, such as sensors and 3D printing would help large companies to finish work on time without compromising on quality. Innovation in construction equipment and machinery would help in reducing worker fatigue and maximize productivity. Increasing government funding and companies complying with regulatory standards set by government would result in substantial growth of the industry. Manufacturing market is driven by factors, such as enhancement in logistic efficiency, adoption of advanced analytics solutions, and growing use of automation technologies. In order to improve logistic and supply-chain capabilities, companies are taking help of web services to improve processes. Manufacturing market trends are focused on embrace new technologies in order to enhance operation efficiency and address environmental concerns. With growing competition in the market, companies are devising manufacturing market strategies, such as expansion in emerging markets and untapped geographies and implement collaborations to gain stronger position in the market. Construction industry is driven mainly with advancements in technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM) that minimize errors & resources along with optimizing outcomes. The trend of offsite construction has gained traction owing to benefits, such as reduction in construction time, waste production, and cost. BIM has become a necessity in order to complete project in stipulated time and implement proper coordination between teams working on a single project. An environment friendly construction has been a construction marketing strategy not only from environment point of view but also from growing demand from customers. Construction market in China is booming with laser scanning technology gaining prominence along with BIM. In addition, it helps contractors to implement construction marketing ideas, such as providing Close

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