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Plastics find widespread application in a variety of consumer products and across different industries revolutionizing materials technology. The unique versatile properties of plastics which include high heat and pressure resistance, low electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength-to-weight ratio make them superior to other materials in chemical & materials industry. See more
Along with the above characteristics features, good durability and low-cost of manufacturing plastic products are the factors driving the demand for innovative and high-end material solutions. The growth of plastics has been rapid due to rise in living standards, growing environmental concerns, and growing awareness of sustainability. The growth of the industry has multiplier effect on various crucial sectors of the economy such as energy generation, healthcare, maritime, automotive, construction, aerospace, electronics, packaging and textile, among many others. Recent there is a huge demand for recycled plastics across the world and especially in developing nation like India. Other dominant trend observed in the growth of plastics industry is the development of bio-based alternatives using renewable feedstocks. Some are bio-degradable while others are not. Companies are focusing on developing bio-based plastics by synthesizing various raw materials which help conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By synthesizing the molecular attributes of different natural present materials, key plastic manufactures are designing new generation organic plastics in collaboration with biotech companies. Prof Research reports offers an insight into changing market dynamics of the plastics industries in terms of the key drivers and growth opportunities, technological innovations and innovative strategies adopted by key market players across different regions. Our report helps the major manufacturers, investors and stakeholders to gain an in-depth insight into the competitive landscape which will help them to capitalize immense growth opportunities. Furthermore, our reports takes a closer look at various joint ventures and collaborations to make high-end bioplastics and highlights government policies across different nations to boost the adoption of recycled plastics. Close

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